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  • H4 - 15 to 21 days: $370
  • H3 - 11 to 14 days: $280
  • H2 - 8 to 10 days: $250
  • H1 - Min 7 days: $200


For residential addresses(non-hotels), please select Home SHN. Prices include delivery and collection. Adhering to government policies, we can only leave it outside your front door.


Consists of:

  1. Blue Spin Bike (Recommended up to 180cm)
  2. Workout Bench
  3. 15kg Modular Dumbbells x2



Can't go to the gym? Why not bring the gym to your room? Get your complete workout with our Exercise Pack!

How to book?

  • Select the correct number of days range
  • If you have 14 days left and you select H2, item will only be delivered on your last 8-10th day
  • SHN guests are not allowed to send things out of the room until they complete their SHN, so you're not able to return the product until your check-out day
  • If rented item exceeds the number of days based on the selected duration, rental is subject to the prices under H3


Example: I have 12 days left(H3), but I place the order and select H2. I will only get the item on Day 4 ~ 6

How to return?

  • Leave it outside your room before you check-out on the last day and inform hotel staff that Happy SHN will be picking it up
  • Drop me a message on WhatsApp when you check-out

Exercise Pack

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