Based on 14-day rental period:
Refundable deposit: $55

Rental cost per day: $3

Deposit to be refunded to you: $13


Delivery main island: $10

Delivery Sentosa: $15


*Photo for illustration purposes only. Actual product may not be the same brand/model


Daily rates may differ if you are renting in the middle of your SHN. Please check with us before placing order.


***Please check with your hotels if they have any restrictions on the items allowed as different hotels have different rules***

How to book?
Just pay the deposit and we will get the item(s) delivered to you. All fees will be deducted from the deposit and returned to you at the end of the lease when you check-out. 

Expected cost = Rent Cost Per Day x 14 days + Delivery Fee

How to return?
Inform the hotel staff to bring it to the lobby when you check-out and let them know someone named David will be picking up the items.

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