• H4 - 15 to 21 days: $220
  • H3 - 11 to 14 days: $160
  • H2 - 8 to 10 days: $140
  • H1 - Min 7 days: $120


Comes with:

  • X-stand
  • Pedal
  • Power cable
  • Holder


***Please check with your hotels if they have any restrictions on the items allowed as different hotels have different rules***



Annoy your neigbours with this keyboard(j/k, pls use aux output). Practice makes perfect, or learn a tune or 2 while you're stuck in a room for 14 days.

How to book?

  • Select the correct number of days range
  • H1 & H2 are not available if you have more than 10 days left
  • SHN guests are not allowed to send things out of the room until they complete their SHN, so you're not able to return the product until your check-out day
  • If you are renting under H2, you will get the difference refunded after item is returned based on the price difference between H2 & H3
  • If rented item exceeds the number of days based on the selected duration, rental is subject to the prices under H3


Example 1: I have 10 days left(H2). I place the order and select H2 and make payment of $160. I return the product 10 days later. I get back the difference of $20.

Example 2: I have 12 days left(H3), but I place the order and select H2 and make payment of $160. I return the product 12 days later. I do not get back the price difference because I selected the incorrect day range.

How to return?

  • Leave it with the concierge before you check-out on the last day and inform hotel staff that Happy SHN will be picking it up
  • Drop me a message on WhatsApp(+65 8751 6428) when you check-out

88-key Digital Keyboard