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What is this all about

Q: What is Happy SHN?

A: Short-term product rentals for practical or trial purposes.

Q: Can I request for something specific?

A: Yes as long as it is legal in Singapore and within certain limits (weight/size). Please check with your hotel if what you're requesting is allowed as different hotels have different rules. No refunds available once products have been prepared.

Q: Prices are quoted based on 14-day SHN. I'm in the middle of my SHN, can I still rent?

A: Yes. If you are already serving your SHN, daily prices will be slightly higher as we need to account for the margin considering the to and fro delivery/pick-up. Same goes for 21-day rental, average per day prices will be lower.

Q: What currency is being used?
A: All prices are quoted in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

Q: I'm not doing SHN. Do you deliver to homes?

A: Yes we deliver to residential addresses. Delivery fees may apply depending on location.

Q: How does it work?

A: Some items require deposits, some don't. For items that do not require deposits, that is the price for 14 days rental. If you're renting in the middle of your SHN (i.e 7-11 days), please refer to the item description for the prices. The difference will be refunded back to you after we collect back the item(s).

Q: How much is delivery?
A: For items that do not require deposits, prices are already inclusive of delivery. For home deliveries, please provide us with your address to get a quote.

Q: How long is the delivery?

A: We aim to deliver on the same day if payment is done before 3pm. 

Q: When do I get back the deposit?

A: End of the lease when the product is returned. We have abolished the deposit system for most items.

Q: What else is the deposit for?

A: To cover any damages to the product, and to account for cancellations.

Q: Where is the deposit going to be returned to?
A: It will be returned to where it came from, unless instructed otherwise.

Q: Is it safe?
A: We sanitize and disinfect all returned products. Products will be dropped off at the lobby, and sent up to your room by the hotel staff.

Q: Can I cancel an order?

A: Cancellations will incur a 10%(of the paid/deposit amount) cancellation fee. If delivery is attempted, delivery charges apply.

Q: I want to rent something not in the catalogue.
A: You can rent anything you want, just send us the details/link to the product.

Q: Product is not working. What should I do?

A: Contact us immediately and we will make arrangements for a replacement.

Q: Product is not what I wanted/I changed my mind.

A: We're not able to provide any refunds. Please check what you want before confirming the order. 

Q: Are the products brand new?

A: You may get a brand new product if you're the first person to request for it.

Q: I really like the product, and would like to buy it!
A: We can sell the product at a discounted rate depending on the age and condition of it.

Q: What do I do with the product after I check-out?

A: For bulky items, leave it outside the room and inform the hotel staff that David from Happy SHN will be picking it up. For non-bulky items, please leave them with the concierge. Drop us a message on WhatsApp after you check-out.

Q: What happens if the hotel staff loses it?

A: You'll have to claim the damages from the hotel. Since most hotel lobbies are monitored via CCTV, we should be able to know what happened exactly but we sure hope we do not need to go down that path.

Q: Why should I rent instead of buy it?
A: Same logic as renting a car - you need it at that moment but don't want to commit to a full purchase.

Q: Can I just rent for 1 day?

A: Minimum duration is 7 days. You are not allowed to send anything out of the room(other than trash) during your SHN so you will not be able to return it before you complete your SHN.

Q: What kind of information is required from me?
A: Name, phone number, email, date of SHN, hotel and room number. 

Q: Can I request for food?
A: We leave it to the food delivery companies for this. We do not deal with consumables.

Things to do in SHN

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Things to do in SHN


Due to the nature of my work, I've done 2 Stay-Home-Notices in Singapore in 2020. I've been through what you're going through twice, so I understand what you need in order to get through this 14-day ordeal more comfortably. My first quarantine was at Intercontinental, which was cool as the hotel was well managed by a hotel chain and very new. I thought I had everything I needed as there was even an Espresso machine in the room, but I still ended up finding myself wishing for certain products at different parts of the stay.

Second quarantine was at Village Hotel which was not too great. This was when I started to wish for more things like a vacuum cleaner, humidifier and a fan. The room was dry and dusty but all the hotel could provide was a broom which I understood because they couldn't possibly provide a vacuum cleaner for every room. I contemplated buying it online, but after some consideration about the delivery time, cost-effectiveness of buying a full product just for 14 days, and what to do with it after the SHN, I dropped the idea. 


We are not responsible for any damages or injuries caused by the usage of the requested products. It is your sole responsibility if you hurt yourself, damage the hotel property, break any rules of the property or government SHN orders during the rental duration of the product(s).

Who are you?

I am a Singaporean male in my mid 30s who love to travel, that explains my second SHN within 6 months and I believe more SHN to come. I am an Airbnb host in Seoul, South Korea, with 20 apartment units. I just returned to Singapore from the UK, and I shipped my car back to Singapore so if you have any questions about shipping cars from the UK feel free to ask me too. I am interested in businesses that I can operate remotely, so I can continue to travel while not tied to a desk job! I speak English, Mandarin and Korean and just got tested covid negative!

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