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Singapore SHN

How does it work?

Whatever reasons we have for traveling, staying in a confined space for 14 to 21 days is not an easy task. We're here to make things more bearable, providing SHN essentials without having to pay the full sum to buy them, and worry about bringing it home after that. You can even take the chance to review a product that you've always wanted since you have lots of time anyway.

Choose a  Product 
Rent it for 7-21 Days 
 Get it Delivered

Enjoy the Product    Return it After Check-out  

Singapore SHN

We disinfect all returned products thoroughly

We are centrally located in Singapore 

In order to ensure we are able to deliver the products as soon as possible, we are centrally located at Beach Road, close to all the hotel clusters dedicated to serving SHN guests. We aim to deliver on the same day if order is placed before 3pm.